Inverter Type Spot Welders Prospot I4

High Squeeze Pressure420 daNMaterialStainless SteelUsageIndustrial
    • High squeeze pressure of 420 daN
    • Automatic adjustment of welding parameters
    • Displays the delivered current after each spot
    • Double acting cylinder guns with wide spreading electrodes
    • Low weighing extension of C-pliers to weld hard to reach areas
    • Dual amp setting easy to weld high tensile steels with low welding current
    • High welding power
    • Low power consumption – saves cost
    • High duty cycle : improves quality and increases productivity
    • Spot guns are water cooled – increase productivity
    • Self aligning electrodes easy to change C
    • Variety of extension – easy accessibility to jobs
    • Alerts the operator the quality of each spot (Approved or rejected) – ensures quality
    • Data Log feature : can manage and track weld history
    • Large LCD display – easy access
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