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AdvantagesPossibility to fix every model present on the market, Vehicle pinchweld aren’t damaged, Plastic protection pinchweld aren’t dismounted, Vehicle is anchored in its most resistant structural points, Possibility to execute every kind of pull, ideal in case of lateral accident or banana crash. Rapid with small accidents, The vehicle is centred on the board bench, in this way it’s possible to make every kind of measurement ( body or mechanics)Possibility to fix the Mc Pherson system and compare the measures of the shock absorbersPossibility to measure the engine mounting points.Possible to repair cabin & chassis separatelyControlling each mechanical points through universal jigsPossibility to save maximum damaged parts as this system repair in sectionsEasy & accurate replacement of damage body parts where mechanical parts are mountedReduce repair cost and timeTrue 10 Ton puller which is effective at all the heights5 Ton lifting capacity suitable to lift all type of passenger cars or LCV’s